The structure of the educational establishment includes schools of the І-ІІІ levels:

  • the primary  school (specialized 1-4 forms with in-depth study of English);
  • the basic school (5-9 forms): in-depth study of English and the second foreign language (Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, Swedish, German), Russian and special courses;
  • the senior high school (10-11 forms): profound study of humanitarian cycle subjects, additional subjects and special courses, optional and individual studies (the English literature, technical translation, regional geography of Great Britain, history and culture of Scandinavian countries, the Russian language, "Kyiv waltz").

While learning some of the subjects to keep a closer personal approach to work with the students the division into groups is introduced: for in-depth study of Ukrainian and foreign languages (English, German, and Scandinavian), information science.

The language of studies in all classes is Ukrainian.

Routine of work - five-day working week.

As of September 1, 2015 the number of students of Scandinavian Gymnasium totals 1610.

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