December, 1 Ц The World Day of Fight against AIDS

December, 1 Ц The World Day of Fight against AIDS

At Scandinavian Gymnasium on the 1st of December, 2009, the World Day of Fight against AIDS, the students of the 5-10 forms were provided with informative materials about HIV/AIDS. Special speaker groups briefed the students in the framework of the program ЂEqual to Equalї aimed at prevention of HIV/AIDS.  The students of 8G and 9B forms worked in the speaker groups. The 8G speaker groups conducted informational and preventive work with 5-7 formers, and the 9B speaker groups - with 8-9 formers. Also, the participants of the Action drew up and circulated a questionnaire to see if the students were aware of the HIV/AIDS risk to their lives and of ways of avoiding the danger.  The Action was prepared by the Gymnasium Psychological Service headed by Anna V. Bryukhanova.

In May, 1988 the World Health Organization (WHO) passed a Resolution according to which December, 1 was proclaimed the World Day of Fight against AIDS. In 2003 the All-Ukrainian Network of People who Live with HIV/AIDS initiated the change of the name into the Day of Mutual Understanding with AIDS Positive People in order to promote tolerant attitude toward those who live with HIV/AIDS.

Ukraine comes first in Europe with respect to the pace of spreading the illness. The UN experts consider that today 400 thousand (400,000) people live with HIV/AIDS infection in Ukraine that makes 1.63% of the adult population. Every day AIDS affects about 40 citizens of the country and 8 people die of it.

The red color is the color of love. People who live with HIV/AIDS need understanding, attention and love. The red ribbon is considered to be a symbol of remembering the people who died of HIV/AIDS and solidarity with people who live with HIV/AIDS.

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