UN Model: Scandy - Junior 2016

On October the 14th, the second scientific conference for students of the 7th- 8th grades, "UN Model: Skandy - Junior 2016", took place at Scandinavian Gymnasium.

The students of our gymnasium as well as the guests from Naukova Zmina (Scientific Change) Lyceum participated in the event. All the teams showed an adequate level of training and diplomatic skills.

Serious, courteous, outwardly restrained students made reports and debated the issues in the committees, participated in the panel discussion together with the senior students, and in the end voted and approved the resolution.

For most participants, this was the first step to UN Model movement and diplomatic game because the "adult" UN Model, traditional for our gymnasium, is going to take place a short time later.

Сканді-Юніор 2016

модель ООН юніор

новини скандинавської гімназії

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