Visitors from Norway

On April the 25th the teachers of Foss Skole from the capital of Norway visited our school. The teachers Hannah Berg, Anne Stolen, Elin Stokke, Peter Voss were interested in the education system of Ukraine and the lives of the high school students. The distinguished guests had the opportunity to talk with our high school students Ц the members of the European Club "The Vikings" who presented the УModel of the United Nations" project.

The open lesson of Norwegian became the real holiday of Scandinavian culture where our high school students demonstrated their knowledge of the history, culture, literature and language of the Kingdom of Norway. The guests noted the preparation and a good level of knowledge of the students. The students not only spoke Norwegian fluently but also recited poems, sang songs, and discussed the research work of Cyril Kramskyy dedicated to F. Nansen, the outstanding Norwegian scientist and explorer.

The guests made a tour of the gymnasium and were particularly interested in wall newspapers dedicated to the Week of Scandinavian Languages. The meeting was completed by the concert.

The Administration of the gymnasium discussed future cooperation, student exchanges and the possibility of inviting native speakers to teach Norwegian at Scandinavian Gymnasium.

Visitors from Norway Visitors from Norway Visitors from Norway

Visitors from Norway Visitors from Norway


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