Model of the United Nations at # 136 Gymnasium

1On March 1-2, a scientific-practical conference "The Model of the United Nations 2013: Your future starts today" took place in the gymnasium #136 which was attended by the students of the 7-10 forms of Scandinavian Gymnasium. The team of 22 high school students represented the following countries: Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Norway. "The Model of the United Nations" is an international educational game which simulates meetings of various bodies of the UN system. At these simulation meetings the students act as diplomats and participate in the discussion of current issues on the agenda of the United Nations.

The game helps the students to understand:
 -  what global issues concern the states and the people in different regions of the world
 -  how the UN can improve the lives of the people of the world and bring peace and stability of development
-  what skills and what model of behavior are necessary

In the framework of the conference the following events took place:

-  a contest of posters and collages
-  a contest of essays on the topic "Your future starts today"
-  debates
 -  a diplomatic ball

Also, during the committee meetings the most active delegates were elected to read the resolutions adopted by the committees.
This year, the most active were the students of our school:

 - The Committee on Disarmament and International Security - Gregory Medvedev (10thform), a Representative of Sweden
 - The Committee on Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Affairs - Andrew Krut (7B form), a Representative of Finland
 - Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs - Oleg Fedornyak (9B form), a  Representative of Denmark
- the WTO (World Trade Organization) - Roman Shabalkov (9A form), a Representative of Finland
 - The Commission for the Protection of the Environment - Tatiana Sheludko ( 10A form), a Representative of Denmark. 

The team from Norway was awarded a Diploma for the Best Newspaper. The essay of the Swedish team was recognized as one of the best (the author - Victoria Prikhodko, 10A form).

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