Week of Courtesy and Benevolence

Week of Courtesy and Benevolence

Since the 10th through the 19th of February the Week of Courtesy and Benevolence was held in the primary school. In each class creative teamwork produced excellent results: the students collected proverbs, painted pictures, made postures, generated creative ideas.

The students of the 1B form prepared an event they called The Town of Educated People. The children created The Code of a Polite Man, the rule of communication by means of magic words.

The students of the 1G form prepared a quiz called Friendship is Most Expensive Treasure. In the game form the children analyzed real life situations and gave each other good advice on choosing friends.

The children of the 1D form traveled by The Road of Good. They held a contest of creative works and talked much about the ethics, mutual help, friendliness, amicable relations, and the ways to become decent and respectable people.

In the 4G form a meeting of Bring Your Thought to Attention Children Club took place. The children prepared creative works which they presented in class.  This time the children worked on the subject of the Paths of Good and learnt how to give their opinions of good and evil.

Among the 3rd forms an educating event was conducted advancing a slogan The Man Begins with Good.

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