English available for everyone

Scandinavian gymnasium is a participant of the international project - English available for everyone - series of demonstration lessons with a native speaker teacher Russell Wright. On the 20th of January the second meeting of the 9-10-formers with a representative of the project took place. 

The senior students were offered to participate in the language competition Guess the Word. All participants of the competition will be able to receive incentive prizes, and the winners will go free to study in the countries such as England, France, Germany, Canada, Spain and Malta.

This competition will take place on-line at http://www.obuchenie.com.ua during leisure time after the lessons. Participation in the competition is free of charge.

The project enables a growing number of students to get extra encouragement and incentive to learn the English language and expand their horizons.

English available for everyone

International project "is available in English for everyone"

International Project

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