The Last Bell Ringing

On May the 26th, the ceremony of the last bell ringing was held at Scandinavian Gymnasium.  This day is always joyful and sad at the same time. Joyful because it ends the school year, and wonderful summer holidays are ahead, and sad, because this is the last time the school bell rings for the graduate students.

Tatiana E. Pushkareva, the Headmistress of Scandinavian Gymnasium, congratulated all those present at the event, wished them good holidays in summer, and wished the graduates to pass their tests successfully, and to have a successful career in the future.

Traditionally, the best students of the gymnasium the winners of the III Stage of All-Ukrainian Subject Olympiads, and the II Stage of MAS student research projects defense contest were awarded valuable gifts.

The solemn event to celebrate the end of the school year was held in the assembly hall of the gymnasium. The catchy tune of the farewell waltz was played. The graduating students addressed very warm words of gratitude to their teachers for training and education at Scandinavian Gymnasium. 

We wish all of you peace, faith and confidence in the future, well-being, good health and harmony in your families!