Scandinavian Gymnasium Birthday Celebration

Scandinavian Gymnasium is 12 years old! All the class collectives participated in the traditional celebration. The primary school pupils celebrated the holiday watching cartoons in the cinema. The secondary school students staged various interesting performances in the assembly hall, namely presentations, surprises, fireworks of future professions, trips to Georgia, Greece, Italy, Israel, Great Britain. Excellent performances proved that our students are creative, intelligent, talented, extremely witty and ingenious. We highly appreciate a video greeting from our Tbilisi partner school #98. The traditional school contest 'Miss and Mister Scandinavian Gymnasium' crowned the celebration. Nine pairs of students competed in a better coverage of homework, original dance, interview competition and presentation of themselves. Denis Shulga and Anastasia Gamaliy (9B form) became this year winners. 

Congratulations to our remarkable participants!
Thanks to students, teachers and parents for their support in our favorite event!