Meeting with the Representatives of Drone.UA Innovative Enterprise 

On February the 21st, in the framework of the "STEM - professions of the future" project, a meeting with the representatives of the Drone.UA company was held in Scandinavian Gymnasium. The company specializes in creating drones, and promotes their use in various fields of Ukrainian and world economy. Valery Yakovenko, a co-founder of the company, conducted a master class for the students who showed interest and asked a lot of different questions. Our students also offered new ideas that can be implemented in the future. They got to know that nearly 7% of the total land reserves of Ukraine is operated by means of autonomous drones which are able to independently gather information about different plots of land. And this is done by the Drone.UA company. With the help of Alexei Kravchenko and Alexander Basovskiy, the company engineers, all the participants of the meeting were given the opportunity to launch and control quadcopters. The students were extremely delighted.