English in the Sun

Dear parents, we would like to invite your children to visit Slovakia in the framework of the project "English in the Sun." The trip is scheduled from 20.06.2017 to 05.07.2017. The children will be staying at the "Branko" tourist center Ц the center for children and youth located in the forest reserve with two artificial lakes, sports and children's playground, a place for fire, a hall for discos, and a football field. Five meals a day are provided (European Ц Slavic cuisine). Packed lunches are available for children on all the trips.

During a vacation in the beautiful country of Slovakia, your children will be able to:

Х relax actively and make new friends;

Х visit landmarks in Slovakia and Hungary;

Х improve their English language skills;

Х improve their health in ecologically clean area.

More information is available at: prestizh-osvita.com.ua

You can also get it by phone:

228-71-58; 050-747-90-88; 099-218-04-03

Spend your best summer with us!