Day of Embroidery at Scandinavian Gymnasium

Outside, the spring is in full blossom. Scandinavian Gymnasium is also full of flowers on the 18th of May. It becomes an artistic center of embroidery. The holiday started with the radio newspaper "Embroidery - the genetic code of our nation." During the day, the gymnasium hosted an art exhibition "Embroidery - a mirror of people's souls" and "Eternal Song of Colors", an exhibition of studentsТ family photographs. This year, our flash mob was devoted to the "Eurovision-2017" song contest. The students built its logo. And our 5th Ц 10th - graders participated in a music and the "Favorite Ukrainian Dish" drama and culinary festival Thematic lessons, educational hours "Embroidery is a poem of life, our coded pattern of eternity" were given during the day. The holiday of embroidery is an embodiment of spiritual wealth, high wisdom and traditional relationship of many generations.