Art of Reading in a Foreign Language

Reciting poems, especially in foreign languages, is the ability to beautifully express the views of the author, using artistic means, the ability to get the listener interested and to convey the meaning and the feelings that the author put into poetry. In early April, our gymnasium held a competition for readers of poetry in foreign languages among the students of the 7th grade. The event was designed to attract students to the literary heritage of other countries, to discover the beauty of the poetic word and to increase motivation for language learning. At first, the competitions were held in the classrooms, and the best readers were invited to the Finals. Michel Fedoseyeva, a student of the 7th grade, recited the poem «I Was Thirteen» by Taras Shevchenko and won the first place.  Top contestants were awarded diplomas. We are grateful to all the participants and wish them success in learning foreign languages!