Meeting with a Native Speaker

On April the 5th in the framework of the Festival of Foreign Languages a very useful and interesting lesson took place. Robert Hartigan, a native speaker, a methodologist and a representative of Pearson Editing House came to the 5G form. The topic of the discussion was the problem of television in the life of teenagers. The students of the gymnasium creatively worked under the leadership of the skilled methodologist. The purpose of such meetings is to motivate students to study actively and to increase the quality of their knowledge of English, to promote introduction of innovative technologies into the practice of teaching foreign languages.

During the break the students were involved into creative, informative activities: children sang songs on verses of the Ukrainian poets, interpreted phraseological units, selected synonyms and antonyms, solved riddles, charades, read verses and sketches. The festival of the department is an opportunity to make discoveries, to broaden horizons, to enjoy the depth of the native language, to plunge into the history of the native people, to see the beauty of art of the word, to take esthetic pleasure, to grow up spiritually.

Pearson Robert Hartigan in Scandinavian gymnasium

increasing knowledge of the English language

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