"We and Power" Project Meeting in the KSCA

On February the 12th the Department of Education and Science, Youth and Sports, the "Kiyanka" Association of Business and Professional Women from Kyiv, and Scandinavian Gymnasium held a meeting of the "We and Power" project with representatives of Kyiv City State Administration - Anna Starostenko, Deputy Mayor, and Yuri Krykunov, the Chairman of the Standing Committee of the City Council.

The objective of the program is the awareness of our youth of the relationship between the government and civil society, the formation of a conscious positive attitude towards cooperation between the authorities and the citizens. In the framework of the project Scandinavian Gymnasium senior students attend lectures, classes, workshops and round tables, debates, discussions and meet with politicians and representatives of state and public organizations.

During the meeting, the students discussed specific features of the local authorities, public cooperation with the city authorities. The students were interested in the issues of implementation of the state policy in the sphere of social support, family and youth, coordination of authorities in the area of education, youth and sports.

 the Department of Education and Science

Youth and Sports

the "Kiyanka" Association of Business and Professional Women from Kyiv

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