Not to Miss the Past

On February the 27th our high school students learning Norwegian had a very interesting meeting with Natalia Krutenko, an art historian, a member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine, a writer who explores the famous history of Ukraine.

"Three sisters, three princesses, three beauties" - so she says in her book "Anna of Kiev" and "Yelizaveta Yaroslavna", educated daughters of Yaroslav the Wise - Anna, Elizabeth and Anastasia - who became wives of European monarchs and carried the light of science and knowledge to European countries.

The books presented by the writer are the first thorough studies of the life of famous Ukrainians. This is the result of deep and hard work with scientific and historical documents, and fiction. Antiquity of the early Middle Ages, sparingly described in the chronicles, becomes alive, and you see not just the names of historical figures but the people who truly love their land and donТt want to leave it, who travelled almost half a year to unknown countries Ц France and Norway Ц who gave birth to children and are worthy and glorious daughters of Kievan Rus.

Such meetings are not just discovery of unknown history of Ukraine; they cultivate awareness of belonging to the great nation, foster pride of the best sons and daughters of our country, confidence in its glorious future!

Natalia Krutenko

book "Anna of Kiev"

Yelizaveta Yaroslavna

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