New Year's Holidays at Elementary School

Celebration of the New Year is always a miracle of dreams and bright hopes, and holiday joyful expectations. It is not surprising that all the children love it.

Who is he, Saint Nicholas? Is he the Guest from heaven who the children always wait for? He is the defender of the poor and disadvantaged. People love him, solemnly celebrate St. Nicholas Day, invite guests. He is most respected by the children because he is their guard of honor and always comes with gifts.

On December the 18th the 1D form celebrated St. Nicholas Day in the family circle. St. Nicholas came to the children. The children sang songs, danced, and received gifts.

The fabulous feast of St. Nicholas came to the 1B form. The children not only had fun but also shared with the audience interesting information about the origin of the holiday, folk customs and traditions. The children were happy, their eyes shone with happiness and they felt the real atmosphere of a wonderful holiday.

The New Year is just around the corner! On December the 22nd the fairy-tale characters visited the students of the elementary school. The children played games, sang songs, and spent their time happily. The event was organized with the support of the УScandiФ Foundation.

On December the 24th Fairy-Winter visited the students of the 1D form. The children deepened their understanding of natural phenomena: winter, snow, and frost. They studied verbal drawing, staged a small fairy tale, and sang Christmas songs.

On December the 25th the students of the 3B form went on a New YearТs virtual tour "New Year in Different Countries of the World". The children learnt tolerant attitude to the people of the world and their traditions, studied the skills of working in a group.

Each team of six people represented one of the countries: Finland, Japan, Spain, the Netherlands, and India. Having distributed specific duties, the students talked about fantastic New YearТs characters, traditional New Year's dishes, recited poems, sang songs, danced, and all the activities were accompanied by a video presentation.

New Year's Holidays at Elementary School

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