Meeting in the Parliament

On March the 27th, 2015 in the framework of the "We and power" project our high-school students made a tour to the highest legislative body of Ukraine - the Verkhovna Rada - where they saw the parliamentary committees and received their internship program.

At the round table they discussed the following issues:

  • the percentage of young people among the MPs;
  • how to fulfill the dream and become a politician;
  • current bills considered by the VR Committees; whether they relate to youth policy;
  • the number of women parliamentarians.

In general, the high-school students learned more about the work of 27 committees of the VR, but most of all they were interested in the activities of the Anti-Corruption Committee.

After the meeting they toured the Verkhovna Rada premises. The students visited the conference hall and saw the heart of Parliament - the Parliamentary Chamber. Each student mentally chose a place in the Chamber where he or she would like to sit if they were MPs. And no wonder because dreams often come true.

Meeting in the Parliament

We and power

the Verkhovna Rada

the Parliamentary Chamber


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