Interesting Holidays

The students of Scandinavian Gymnasium during the spring holidays had the opportunity to visit museums, exhibitions, watch interesting movies, and make fascinating journeys to the cities of Ukraine.

The students of the 5th Ц 6th forms plunged into the world of exotic nature of Ukraine visiting the Zoological Museum, demonstrated their ability to produce a variety of traditional products by taking part in master classes on pottery at the Museum of Ivan Gonchar,  investigated starry space in Kiev Planetarium, and explored the laws of physics, chemistry, mechanics during the tour to the "Eksperimentarium."

Exciting were the trips to Poltava and Lviv. The students of the 7th, 8th and 9th forms studied the history of those cities, saw outstanding monuments of architecture and culture of the Ukrainian people. The high-school students enriched their knowledge about the life and work of Ivan Kotlyarevskiy, Panas Mirniy, Mykola Gogol, plunged into the world of "Ancient Poltava". The City of Lion impressed the students with the mystery of the cathedrals, churches, and monasteries. During the trip the children visited the High Castle, the Lychakov Cemetery, the Pharmacy Museum, the Market Square, the Town Hall, and the Armenian Church, tasted the chocolate, walked through the ancient streets inhaling the wonderful aroma of coffee.

The 8th Ц 9th-graders visited the Pinchuk Art Center where they got acquainted with modern art. A visit to Kyiv-Pecherska Lavra allowed our students to deepen their knowledge of the history of their native country.

The teaching staff Scandinavian Gymnasium pays much attention to the development of student personality, and formation of patriotic feelings. Tours and travels form a socially active person, enrich the knowledge of history, culture and traditions of our country.

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