Intellectual Week Festival / Week of Foreign Languages

Intellectual Week Festival / Week of Foreign Languages

One of the most important tasks of the modern school is to bring up a person who is able to replenish own knowledge, to quickly adapt to the changing demands of life, to think critically and to generate creative ideas. This represents high level of intellectual culture.

On February the 16th the Intelligent Week Festival began with the oral magazine "SkandyMania" for students of the 4th forms. This event was the result of fruitful research of teachers and students. The students learnt interesting facts about the Scandinavian countries, their traditions, customs and daily habits, etc. while watching the presentations, and listening to studentsТ reports.
On February the 18th the students of the 3rd- 4th grades had the intellectual quiz "Let there be peace, success, and Internet unites us all." The children had the opportunity to show their understanding of the information technology, demonstrate their ability to write algorithms, to work in text and graphic editors. We can say that our winners are future programmers who will bring fame to our school in various competitions and contests.

The ability to play chess allows us to develop self-control, self-regulation, and self-organization. On February the 18th a chess tournament took place at Scandinavian Gymnasium during the festival.

On February the 20th the Pancake Festival was held. Young actors sang songs, danced, recited poems calling the spring. As always, everybody was treated to pancakes.

On February the 16th as part of the Week of English a variety of interesting activities that contributed to the students' interest in English classes took place, fostering respect for the traditions and culture of the target language country, the formation of social competence of students. By participating in the activities our students develop creative skills, improve language and speech skills. The week was devoted to our country - Ukraine.

Open public lessons "We are little Ukrainians" were held in the 1st forms where the younger students could communicate in English, sing songs, create communicative situations and use the interactive whiteboards to perform various tasks.

The 2nd and 3rd-graders presented their "I love Ukraine"projects.

The students of the 4th forms presented a wall newspaper "Welcome to Ukraine" which creatively presented our country.

On February the 18th the students of the 4th forms participated in the competition of the English language. The children competed in different language skills: listening, reading, grammar and writing.

The 4th-graders could also show their creative talents in English poetry recitation competition.

Scandinavian Gymnasium is full of life and teaches the children to create, believe in themselves, to receive and interpret the information, to adequately assess themselves and others, to analyze events, to work constructively in teams. We wish our students to reach new intellectual heights!

Intellectual Week Festival

Week of Foreign Languages

the oral magazine "SkandyMania"

a wall newspaper "Welcome to Ukraine"

the Intelligent Week Festival

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