Excursion to Azot

On April the 28th our 10th graders visited Azot PJSC (Cherkasy, Ukraine), a part of OSTCHEM Holding (consolidating Group DFs fertilizer business). The tour was conducted in the framework of the project STEM: Profession of the Future" to promote the engineering profession among the students in Ukraine.

The project is implemented by the CSR Europe organization (Brussels) - Deploy Your Talents - Stepping up the STEM Agenda for Europe. For two years the project has been successfully tested in France and Italy. In 2014 it was launched in Turkey, Greece, Spain and Ukraine.

In order to participate in the pilot project in the 2014/2015 twenty schools were selected in the city of Kyiv. Scandinavian Gymnasium was among the winners. The decision was taken by a Jury of Expert Representatives of the project partner companies and the Corporate Social Responsibility Development Centre.

Our students visited the very interesting classes from world renowned companies with respect to the future development of mobile technology (Ericsson), information and computer technology (Intel), Microelectronics (Melexis), chemistry (OSTCHEM), agricultural science (Syngenta).
During those chemistry classes Platon Garkusha and Vyacheslav Lysenko received valuable gifts from OSTCHEM Holding for meaningful and correct answers on the use of chemicals in industry.

During the tour of the giant plant the students saw the production process and equipment for the synthesis of ammonia, nitric acid, urea, ammonium nitrate, attended computer training courses on production management, got to know the measures to protect the environment. Such excursions increase students' interest in studying chemistry.

Excursion to Azot

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Excursion to Azot

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