"Elementary School Constellation - 2015" Festival

«Love Ukraine like you like the sun ...»

Scandinavian Gymnasium is an institution where there is a priority of individuality, self-importance, identity of the child. The elementary school of Scandinavian Gymnasium holds different events that provide opportunities for students to reach their potential.

The primary school students who diligently and calligraphically write in their exercise books are monthly rewarded with wonderful wrappers for their exercise books with the logo of the Gymnasium. On February the 9th among the students of the 2nd- 4th forms the contest for the best exercise book in the Ukrainian language took place. The Best Exercise Book Contest winners were identified and awarded.

On February the 10th the Recitation Contest "You are my Motherland, Ukraine!" was held. The Jury of the Contest enjoyed watching how skillfully our younger students recited poems on the stage of the assembly hall. The participants recited poems about Ukraine.

On February the 10th during an event "We are your children, Ukraine!" our students made a presentation about Ukraine, traveled to great cities of our homeland, talked about the state symbols.

On February the 11th the calligraphy tournament among the students of the 3rd – 4th grades, "Happiness is to live in peace and friendship on earth." Its purpose was to teach the students clear, accurate calligraphic writing, respect to the language, to the Ukrainian people. There also was a contest "Dress the letter into embroidery ". The best works were displayed on the stands.

On the same day among students of the 4th forms a book review contest-presentation took place. The Jury evaluated the ability of students to identify the main problem of the book, its relevance. The students gave characteristics to the characters, their actions and expressed personal impressions about the books. The children gave presentations, created own illustrations, video, and pieces of music.

On February the 12th the "Amazing train" tournament of patriots for the 3-graders was held. The students were divided into four teams: "Scandinavian Sails", "Sunflowers", "Spikelets", and "Cossacks". The team names, logos and mottos were prepared beforehand. The captains received a routing sheet and traveled to four stations: "Patriotic", "Spiritual", "Natural", and "Family".  During a visit to each of the stations the participants answered interesting cognitive questions.

On February the 13th the 1V class held a master class on making holiday greeting card for St. Valentine's Day which told the students about the legends, poems and songs associated with this holiday.

Elementary School Constellation

the Recitation Contest "You are my Motherland, Ukraine!"

event "We are your children, Ukraine!"

St. Valentine's Day

конкурс кращих зошитів з української мови

Scandinavian Gymnasium

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