Memory of the great past

Many years have passed since May 1945 but today, nevertheless, the feat of defenders and liberators remains an inexhaustible source of the people of Ukraine.

On this day we remember all those whose lives were taken by war, we honor those who fought in the Great Patriotic War, those who served on the home front by selfless labor bringing closer the victory over the enemy, those who survived during the occupation and in the hell of the concentration camps, and those who in the postwar years raised the country from ruins.

On the 8th of May special events for the Victory Day were held in many classes of our gymnasium.
Deep bow to soldiers' widows, to all the soldiers who went down the roads of war so that we could dream and love today. Let peace and harmony always live in our hearts and souls, let this bright May holiday give all of us new strength and inspiration for accomplishing our hopes.

Eternal glory to the victors!

The memory of the great past

The memory of the great past in Scandinavian Gymnasium

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