Meeting with volunteers

On May the 12th in the framework of the Week of German Culture our 5th-graders met volunteers - representatives of the "Vidershtral" Center of German Culture and the Austrian Cultural Forum.

The students and teachers of the German language had the opportunity to participate in an interesting and educational event and to plunge into the world of German and Austrian cultures. The students communicated both in German and Ukrainian showing knowledge of the history, culture and language of Germany.

The guests in turn prepared interesting information on German-speaking countries for children, along with a quiz and songs that everyone sang.

Quite interesting was the game which German families like to play during Easter when children search for Easter eggs hidden by Bunny.

At the end of the event the students received gifts and the most quick-witted children got prizes. We are grateful to our guests for an interesting event and look forward to new meetings.

Meet the students of the 5th grade with volunteers

Meet the students of the 5th grade with volunteers

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