Informative vacation

During a two-week vacation our students not only repeated the course materials and did their homework but also visited various museums and theaters, traveled around Ukraine and Poland.

Our 5th- formers made walking tours to the Park of Partisan Glory, visited the "Art Mall", and the Museum of Ukrainian Souvenirs. They also went to the movies together and celebrated Halloween at the gymnasium.
The 6th- formers visited the Planetarium, the Museum of Nature, the "Aladdin" cinema, the "Ocean Plaza", and made a walking tour of Andriyivskiy Uzviz.

Our 7th- formers got unforgettable impressions from traveling around Kamyanets Podilskiy and the trip to Poland.
The 8th- formers watched movies at the "Aladdin" cinema and visited Kyiv-Pecherska Lavra.
There were also interesting excursions to Eksperymentanium, "The Ukrainian Village", the Zoological Museum and to the Museum of Ukrainian Embroidery for the 8th- formers.

Our 10th- formers had an extremely varied cultural program during the autumn holidays. They visited the Museum of History of Ukraine, the Khanenko Museum of Arts, saw performances at Ivan Franko Theater, and traveled to Transcarpathia. Despite the daily consultations on various subjects, the 10th- formers had time to visit the theater and Eksperymentanium.

Rest Scandinavian school students during the holidays

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Halloween celebration in the Scandinavian school

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Rest Scandinavian school students during the holidays

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