Graduation party

On May the 31st the graduation party was held at Scandinavian Gymnasium at which the eleventh-graders received certificates of complete secondary education. Among them, seven students were awarded gold and silver medals.

The graduates gratefully presented their teachers and parents with a School Waltz, congratulated teachers and their form mistresses with the completion of the school year.

The holiday was exciting and special because the graduates went to it for many years receiving knowledge from their teachers. Now their school lessons are over with their successes and failures, and the road to a new, adult and independent life is ahead.

Dear graduates! Let the school studies feed you with kindness and warmth for your whole life, and the knowledge and experience gained in the gymnasium become a solid basis. Go through life beautifully and confidently, give people light and joy, never forget your teachers, respect parents let their hopes come true!

We wish peace and harmony to you and your families!

Graduation party

Graduation party in Scandinavian Gymnasium 2014

Graduates receive a certificate of complete secondary education

Graduation party

students of Scandinavian Gymnasium

parents of graduates

Graduation party 2014

Waltz in the final

Graduation party

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