E-Twinning Conference

On November the 15th our teachers A. Voron and O. Petrunko with their students Victor Knurov and Julia Shcherbak were invited to the E-Twinning international conference "Being European in the EU : Opportunities and Challenges of Active Citizenship " which took place at the Kyiv Tychyna Gymnasium #191. The conference was attended by representatives of schools of Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine : Kherson, Kharkiv, Ivano- Frankivsk. The conference started with the grand opening ceremony in the assembly hall of the gymnasium. The workshops on the "Human Rights ", "Building a Dialogue" took place for the students. For the teachers a panel (meeting with the agency supporting the E-Twinning, exchange of experience and planning future cooperation) was held. Also, the students met volunteers from Italy and Spain.

The students spoke about human rights in their countries, and then the participants visited the workshops on leadership and active citizenship. The day was interesting and fruitful for the students and the teachers. They got a lot of important information. 

E-Twinning Conference E-Twinning Conference E-Twinning Conference

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