Day of Knowledge

On the first of September a ceremonial line-up took place at Scandinavian Gymnasium devoted to the Day of Knowledge, Wisdom, Cognition, and Growth!  The beginning of this school year is covered with the spirit of unity, lighted up by the colors of our native land, cloudless sky and golden grain fields. Today to our large school family came not only 210 first-formers but also 60 children Ц migrants from Donbas and the Crimea who we are going to share the warmth of our hearts with and who we will help to feel the sincerity of our souls.

Honorable guests: Professor S. Martinenko, Ph.D., our school scientific supervisor, M. Melnichenko, the Head of Darnytsya District Department of Family, Youth and Sports, V. Sadova, the Chairman of Darnytsya District Council of Veterans, attended the celebration. 

This academic year is really special for Scandinavian Gymnasium - we are celebrating our 10-year anniversary! Our gymnasium is the school where qualified teachers teach very talented students. Every year the number of students Ц winners of various competitions Ц grows steadily. This summer Catherine Heseleva (11 ј) became a prizewinner of the International Olympiad in history. Tallinn (Estonia).

Dear students! Your knowledge is a treasure, power, and strength of our country. Highly educated people meet the challenges of time keeping their spiritual sovereignty.

Dear teachers! Thanks to your creative selfless work the Ukrainians are preserved as the nation, as a unique linguistic, spiritual, cultural community and continue to fight for their right to live freely in their native land.

Dear parents! We hope you will understand and support teachers in bringing up children to be decent people, patriots, and defenders of our country.

Let this year bring us all peace, harmony, confidence, faith, victory and the realization that we Ukrainians are Europeans.

Glory to Ukraine!

Day of Knowledge

Day of Knowledge in the Scandinavian school

Day of Knowledge in the Scandinavian school 2014

Day of Knowledge in the Scandinavian school

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beginning of the year

beginning of the school year in the Scandinavian

Day of Knowledge 2014

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