Birthday of Hans Christian Andersen

On April the 2nd the whole world celebrates the birthday of Hans Christian Andersen, the beloved storyteller of all ages. In honor of this event the students studying Danish organized various festive activities.

Thus, the students of the 8A class prepared an interesting event - "The Tales of Hans Christian Andersen in our lives". The students retold the tales that are best known around the world. Some students spoke about the life and creative years of the famous writer, other students recounted the stories which they liked.

The 9A class prepared a quiz for students of the 4A class in the theatrical form: the children were in costumes featuring excerpts from the stories. The 4A and 5A classes created an exhibition of paintings to the well-known works. The children tried to use the writer's native language - Danish. In the language of the original the stories sounded great because the students put all their knowledge, skills and emotions into their work.

Celebrating the birthday of the storyteller H.H.Andersena in Scandinavian Gymnasium

drawings to works H.H.Andersena

Quiz of the theatrical form

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