Guests from Norway

On October the 29th the heads of the European Wergeland Centre (EVTS) Ana Perona-Feldshtad and Lars Gudmundson visited Scandinavian gymnasium. They are the representatives of the European resource center on education for intercultural understanding, human rights and democratic civics. The creation of the EVTS (February 2009) is the result of an innovative collaboration between the Kingdom of Norway and the Council of Europe (CoE). The Initiative of the Council of Europe on the development of a democratic civil society and human rights is essential for the development of the systems of education in many countries, particularly in the Eastern Europe. The Academy is one of the tools and means to implement the Charter on Human Rights. The aim of the Academy is to provide a series of training sessions for the teachers in order to implement the principles of democracy, democratic society, rights and freedoms of the people into their everyday life.

The guests got acquainted with the gymnasium and its educational work, the peculiarities of studying the Scandinavian languages and were convinced of the readiness of the school to cooperate with the European Vergelend Center.

Guests from Norway

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