Kyiv Newshoping: Dialogue of Cultures

Kyiv Newshoping: Dialogue of Cultures

From the 9th through the 16th of September the eleven-formers visited the Tessin Gymnasium in the city of Newshoping (Sweden).

The program of the visit took into account the interests of senior pupils and was very interesting. The Ukrainian students had an opportunity to visit the lessons in the Swedish high school, to have a panel discussion (the so-called round table) devoted to the most stirring events and problems of our time.

Our students lived in the families and got acquainted with the Swedish way of life, with pastime of the students of the same age. During the trip our students saw the old city of Newshoping, visited the City Hall where they spoke Swedish to the representatives of the City Council, saw the real runes ancient inscriptions on the stone and enjoyed a medieval dinner in an age-old castle-fortress.

A visit to Stockholm was unforgettable. The students made a tour of the old city and visited the National Historic Museum where they saw an exposition of the Vikings way of life; they also saw the Vasa museum-ship and Grunaland attractions. It was so exciting!

The students visited the largest Zoo in Scandinavia where they watched the dolphin show. But probably the most memorable impression was the opening session of the Swedish Parliament which our students witnessed. They also watched the festivities in honor of the Swedish King Gustav the V, his family and the Swedish elite.

The trip was initiated by Scandinavian and Tessin Gymnasiums, and the Swedish Institute. It took place due to inspiration and good will of the teacher Inna Bilnert whose students visited Kyiv in the spring of 2009. We look forward to the forthcoming visit of our Swedish friends in May, 2010.

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