Preparation for "UN Model: Scandy - 2015"

On May the 17th the students of Scandinavian Gymnasium gathered to discuss the organization of the scientific-practical conference " UN Model: Scandy- 2015". Future Model participants started the work in March, and this time the elections were held in the Secretariat. 11 teams claimed six possible Committees that presented various structures of the United Nations.

Long discussions on the agenda, current problems in the international arena and the impact of cooperation between the countries of the world helped to choose the best team that will run the game next year.

Tatyana E. Pushkareva, the Headmistress of Scandinavian Gymnasium, Yelyzaveta A. Glotova, the teacher in charge of the project, and the students of the 6th -7th grades attended the meeting.

During the conference the following committees are going to work:

  • Economic and Social Council
  • FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization)
  • The Security Council
  • UNICEF (United Nations Children's Fund)
  • Human Rights Council
  • Social and Humanities Council


Sufficient training and professionalism of the representatives of FAO and UNICEF should be noted. Their level of knowledge and invaluable experience gained during the repeated participation in various conferences were greatly appreciated by all those present at the meeting.

  • “UN Model is a great opportunity to discover new abilities in ourselves and our potential. Even if not everything at once, here you will learn the intricacies of diplomacy, you will get the opportunity to develop, to improve your public speaking and communication skills, to learn diplomatic foreign language. In short, it is impossible to describe all the features of the conference. You just know the world and change with it. What we saw on Sunday is a result of hard work over several years.
  • In fact, it was perfect! Honestly, I spent a lot of time to prepare, but it was worth it. On Sunday, of course, I liked everything: the organization, the report of the participants, but I was struck by the questions from the press, which were many. I hope that the Secretariat will continue to work with enthusiasm because our ideas have to change the world ", Daria Trufanova, a representative of FAO shared her impressions.
    Also the press center will work during the conference which will continue to take the journalists. For more information look in the group on the social networks.


Preparation for "UN Model: Scandy - 2015"

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