Week of Foreign Languages

The annual festival of foreign languages is held at our gymnasium in order to broaden the knowledge of foreign languages and to improve communication skills of our students. The elementary school has already held a variety of interesting activities.

Thus, the 1st-formers prepared a festive lesson (teachers: N. Sabadash, O. Marynenko, M. Mryha). The pupils had the opportunity to demonstrate their ability to communicate in English; they also sang a lot of songs and made hand-made toys.

The pupils of the 2nd grade prepared the Carnival of Flowers for their parents. Their teachers (O. Marynenko, V. Shapovalenko, V. Nagorna, T. Vasylyeva, M. Mryha) helped their students to display their talents and abilities.

The pupils of the 3rd grade prepared the projects Welcome to Britain and participated in the Spelling Bees competition. Their teachers (O. Marynenko, V. Nagorna, O. Smotrova) helped them.

Thus, the 4th-formers participated in the English language subject competition, wall paper competition, Brain Ring intellectual contest, sang songs and recited poems. (teachers: O. Smotrova, T. Vasylyeva, N. Sabadash, V. Shapovalenko, O. Marynenko, N. Lossevych).

All the winners got special awards and prizes.

Festival of foreign languages ​​in the Scandinavian school

Festival foreign language news Scandinavian Gymnasium

Week of foreign languages in the Scandinavian school

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