Video Conference of the eTwinning Project

On April the 3rd a video conference between the 6A class of Scandinavian Gymnasium and the students of the 6thgrade of the elementary school of the city of Livada (Hios, Greece) was held. This was the first communication between Ukrainian and Greek peers in the framework of the eTwinning Plus international project.

During the conference the students under the guidance of their teacher A. Petrunko met their peers, talked about our country, our school and leisure. According to the participants they like to chat on Skype, and they are looking forward to these on-line meetings.

eTwinning is a training program of the European Commission launched in 2005 for development cooperation among European schools. The students and teachers registered to the eTwinning have the opportunity to implement joint projects with other European schools. The key component of the study is the use of information and communication technologies. eTwinning project expands the scope of educational opportunities for students and teachers, increases motivation to learn and improves the level of  openness to Europe.

The online network eTwinning Plus was created to involve the neighboring countries of the EU into the project, so Ukraine , Georgia, Moldova , Armenia, Azerbaijan and Tunisia joined it in 2013. This project is a platform for communication and exchange of experience, useful information and teaching methods for the teachers from different European countries. Our teachers of foreign languages A. Voron, A. Petrunko,  O. Srivastava and L. Sovpenchuk  are involved in this project.

Videoconference eTwinning project

videoconference between students 6-A Scandinavian school students and 6th grade elementary school East m.Livada

conduct videoconferencing eTwinning project

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