Pupils scientific conference of the Minor Academy of Sciences

On December the 8th, 2014 the annual students conference devoted to defense of students MAS research works was held at Scandinavian Gymnasium in which our students, members of our Erudite scientific society and our teachers participated.

The December conference summed up the school stage of All-Ukraine competition-defense of the MAS students' scientific research works. The students of 8-11 grades demonstrated the ability to give public presentations of their research. The defense was held in the areas of history; Earth sciences; philosophy and social science; Ukrainian philology and Arts; foreign languages and World literature; mathematics; physics and astronomy; economy; chemistry and biology.

The best student research works will be presented at the First (regional) phase of All-Ukraine competition-defense of MAS scientific research works.

We wish victories to all young scientists!

Pupils scientific conference MAN

Conduct annual Student Scientific Conference on the Protection of scientific research MAN

Presentation of the research school students Scandinavian Gymnasium

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